Fields of Expertise

With our current expanded portfolio, SHA has the means and expertise to create, manage and develop
any and all parts of your healthcare project. As of now, our expertise ranges to 6 main areas:

    • ArcDes
    • A) Architecture & Design

      Balancing ideals and necessities, optimising flows and interconnectivity, and shaping up a solution that is both beautiful and practical is a true challenge that the SHA architects, designers and planners have been taking up with recognised success and admiration.

    • EngInf
    • B) Engineering & Infrastructures

      SHA Project Managers and Master Planners are involved in the entire construction process from preliminary studies to implementation and maintenance. They also supervises Installation management, quality and environmental management, executive support, calculations and financial control.

    • TecSu
    • C) Technical consulting & Sustainability

      The SHA T.C team will be in charge of technical consulting and advanced aspects of IT and engineering, innovation and the most modern technology. This include everything from the development of mobile telephony to the project planning work behind the construction of new energy plants.

    • A) Radiation Therapy & Oncology

      SHA Oncology Radiology is a complete oncology solutions provider, from installation and training to service and support, and provides intelligent and resource-efficient technologies that improve, prolong and save patient lives. The SHA Oncology Radiation provider is actively helping educate cancer professionals, and provides integrated clinical solutions through improvements in cancer management.

    • B) Medical imaging & interactive Solutions

      With more than 20 years of experience as a leading innovator in medical imaging IT, 1400 installations worldwide and a very high customer-retention rate, our SHA representative can provide a wide range of complex, large-scale solution deployments for regional enterprise healthcare providers, community hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers and tele-radiology providers.

    • C) Integrated solutions & infection control

      SHA is a global provider of products and systems that contribute to quality enhancement and cost efficiency within healthcare and life sciences. Our broad, integrated solutions range from infection control to decontamination, cardiac surgery, vascular interventions, intensive care, care ergonomics and wound care.

    • D) Interventional radiology

      Minimally invasive image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat diseases in nearly every organ system have been in great demand in recent years. The Seldinger procedure is very successful and has steadily become a common process in several medical institutions all over the world.

  • Management, Manpower & Training

    Medical knowledge and techniques are constantly improving and adapting to new discoveries, tools and technologies. The SHA can mobilise medical teams and professors to provide assistance in operating newly built hospitals and clinics, as well as existing structures that wish to improve their medical knowledge, techniques and practices by working alongside these Scandinavian medical experts.
    As a Hospital Management company, we take full responsibility for the operational management for private hospital owners including the following deliveries:
    • Pre-Feasibility Study
    • Gap Analysis
    • Feasibility and Business Plan Development
    • Project Management Consulting
    • Pre-Operations and Commission
    • Recruitment and training
    • Administration and Operational Management

    Through our network and internal telemedicine solutions we recruit leading doctors and nurses from Scandinavia and Europe to manage the medical staff that we train to reach Scandinavian level and service. We are also able to provide world leading physicians for local visits to the new hospital.

  • Specialized clinics & Rehabilitation

    There are various options for improving an existing hospital or an upcoming medical facility. Additional departments and specialized clinics can improve your competitiveness and increase the generated revenues, as follow:
    1. Cancer Treatment Clinics
    2. Day surgery Clinics
    3. Satellite Clinics
    4. Rehabilitation Centers
    5. Diabetes Centers
    6. Dental Care clinics
    7. Seldinger Radiology laboratories

  • Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines, Tools & Furnishing

    SHA has exclusive partnerships with major EMA certified manufacturers accross Europe and Scandinavia. This give us an edge when discussing availability, prices and quality.
    Wether our clients need restocking for clinics and hospitals, storage and networking of pharmacies or simply general import business, we can provide a large portfolio of certified brands and generics. SHA can also provide high grade medical and surgical tools and furnishing, with dedicated catalogs.

  • Financing & Support

    The Scandinavian Healthcare Alliance will provide mid and long term financing solutions to help you start your projects today without delay. In cooperation with a Swedish Government affiliated entity, we ensure access to sustainable financial solutions for the Swedish export industry on commercial terms and strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish exporters, including their clients.