What is the Scandinavian Healthcare Alliance?

Scandinavian Healthcare Alliance (SHA) groups internationally renown Scandinavian and overseas companies
that excel in complementary healthcare related specialities. By connecting the dots
between theses experts, we offer complete healthcare solutions, including:

  • Planning

  • Consulting

  • Building

  • Equipping

  • Staffing

  • Training

  • Furnishing

  • Supplying

From a business standpoint, this gives the Scandinavian Healthcare Alliance a unique situation, as both advisors and providers:

Extensive range of Specialties

Extensive range of Specialties

SHA brings together complementary Healthcare experts with a very diversified range of expertise to bring your project to life. From designing and building to equipping, training and staffing, SHA will provide you with complete Turn-key solutions. We can handle every aspect at very high international standards, and as our members progress on your project, they adapt, adjust and cooperate in optimal ways.

Flexible Modular approach

Flexible Modular approach

SHA is a Modular Healthcare Provider. Because the needs of our clients vary greatly, we can work on Any aspect of your healthcare project, or All of it. Our large variety of services and products are fitting for an upcoming project or an existing one, from massive construction and engineering undertaking to micro-managing your personnel and pharmaceutical stocks.

Reinventing Team-work

Reinventing Team-work

SHA is a Team of complementary healthcare providers very active on International markets and major projects. We supervise and manage the project while keeping an eye on the big picture. This impacts very positively on time efficiency, use of space, global planning for equipment and expansions, as well as non-conflicting phasing in the global scheme.

A focus on Optimisation & Efficiency

SHA can help you find solutions that are optimal, economic and time & cost efficient from both an environmental and financial standpoint.

  • Knowledge

    Sharing & Transfer

  • Energy

    & Environemental Strategies

  • Designs

    Smart & Efficient